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The year was 1976 and disco was in full swing. As Gloria Gaynor sang, I've Got You Under My Skin, entrepreneur Oner Basol established Care&Cool to produce something with a similar effect for leather. A chemist by profession, Oner swears by systematic research and development to produce innovative products memorable for their efficacy. He saw potential in developing dedicated leather finishing chemicals to revitalize products that we all love, but tend to neglect after purchase. He felt those products deserved longer lifespans. And for more than forty years now countless happy consumers have agreed with him.

Fast forward, and today’s Care&Cool is managed by Mr. Oner's sons. Oner’s sons Altuğ and Sertuğ are both chemical engineers and the proud standard bearers of their dad’s achievements. Altuğ, also an academic, is active in product development and research. Sertuğ is the bean counter in charge of Sales and Marketing. With her finance background, Merve manages company finances and accounting. And meanwhile, Industrial Engineer Orkun waves the whip over Operations, while Eren, a Computer Engineer, directs IT & Digital Marketing. Given Oner Basol’s chemistry background, developing new shoe and leather care products for market set R&D at the heart of the firm, where it remains today.

There’s no doubt that “Uncle Oner,” as we call him, is a huge inspiration, and while now over 80 years old, he remains hands-on in our R&D operations.



From our European operations in Istanbul, Turkey and our US office in Reno, Nevada we work to make good on Oner’s dedication to knowhow and innovation, building on his experience to create traditions of our own in the international market. As a company here for the long run, customer satisfaction is an absolute must. And of course that’s only possible with customers who return to our products time and again simply because they trust in what they do. Our own confidence in the product range comes in a 100% money back guarantee.

Ultimately, results speak louder than marketing, which is why honesty to our customers is baked into the business. It’s also why we swear by market research to hear what the customer needs and thinks. We also test and compare competitor products, as well as keeping tabs on technological developments. We then feed this information into our R&D operations. And that’s how Care&Cool differentiates itself in the market as a superior leather care brand, year in and year out the world over.

Today we export to over 20 countries ranging from North America and Asia to Europe and the Middle East, aiming to lead the march in each region. It’s not just the leather goods that our products treat, but the users themselves that matter. That’s why, as a responsible chemicals industry company, we share in the world’s growing concern for environmentally friendly production. We maximize the use of natural ingredients across our leather and shoe finishing
range to keep you and your leather safe. And yes, we’ve still got homework to do, but we never miss an opportunity to work greener.

Our pledge to you, the customer is the same one Oner made back in the 1970s. Quality and dependability. Because it’s all in the chemistry.