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Leather is a living and breathing product, which explains its timeless appeal and wide application for indoor and outdoor use. Yet time and the elements inevitably take their toll on its appearance, texture and suppleness. Therefore, regular cleaning is a vital step towards protecting and conditioning that maximizes the pleasure only leather can give.

Yet wiping away surface dirt is only half the story. We know, because we have been researching and developing formulas to preserve leather’s natural elegance and hardiness since 1976.

Care & Cool Leather Cleaner, when applied with our hugely absorbent and washable cloth, ensures maximum penetration to the very pores of leather items for breathability, rugged protection and a revived finish. Cleaning is step one in the overall conditioning and preservation of leather, allowing the passage of time to elegantly age, rather than wear out your beloved items.

Leather Cleaner is suitable for all leather objects including, among others,
Sofas and other furniture,
Auto interiors,
Handbags and saddles. .

Leather Cleaner may be used on natural, patent and faux leather, as well as suede and nubuck.

How to use Leather Cleaner?
Always ensure that the surface of the leather is free of major dirt before applying Spray Care & Cool Leather Cleaner. Apply Leather Cleaner on a clean cloth, such as the high quality one provided with your purchase, or else a sponge. Then, clean the surface of the leather using a circular motion. Any excess solution remaining on the leather should be removed with a cloth. After cleaning allow the leather product to rest for until thoroughly dry. Repeat the cleaning process as required.

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